Johan Erauw can perform the following services  :

General legal services in the field of international or trans-frontier cases that give rise to conflicts of law or to issues of international jurisdiction; this is the field in which I teach and have worked and published since 25 years in Europe, the U.S.A. and in China

Contract negotiation – such as in licensing and other forms of technology transfer, where I have 22 years of practical experience through commercialising the technology of the University of Ghent, Belgium

Lawyers’ services in international matters, especially:

  • international inheritance questions and estate planning;
  • international procedures such as in divorce matters;
  • international agreements, such as in sale of goods; licensing agreements or other complex international commercial agreements; banking agreements such as L/C
  • international tort case, product liability et al.
  • international corporations and insolvency law and counselling on insolvency proceedings

Mediation practice – I am listed mediator in international investments relationships mediated or brought under the rules of ICSID with the World Bank at Washington D.C.

Arbitration practice – as arbitrator and as lawyer in arbitration proceedings – I can offer a broad experience

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