Former academic functions

- Formerly Member of the Educational Commission of the "Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad" (1985-1986).

- Commissioner of the Central University Library, Ghent, 1982 till 1989.

- Former Member of the Gent University Research Council (from 1998 until October 2000)

- Co-director (with C.C.A. Voskuil and Z. Matić ) of the bi-annual "Hague-Zagreb-Ghent Colloquium on the Law of Internati­onal Trade" organised successively in the Nether­lands, Yugo­slavia and Belgium (1982-1992); publishing bi-annually a conference book.

- Co-director (with P. Šarčević) of the 1990 Programme on Commercial Contracts - International litigation, at the Dubrovnik Inter­university Institute ( Croatia).

- Contracting party for a Euro­pean TEMPUS-project for the Buda­pest university (Eötvös Lorand) - Programme for European Business Law Exchange (1991-94).

- External member of a Faculty scientific audit for the Law School of the University of Utrecht (1993-94).

- Contracting party (with Prof. M.-C. Foblets and Mr. J.-Y. Carlier) of a research-programme for the offices of the Prime Minister on legal integration of Marrocan women (1997-1998).

- Contracting party (with Prof. M. Fallon) with the Belgian Ministry of Justice, for the drafting of a general law on private international law (1996-1999). The government draft of a Law on private international law was introduced to the Belgian Council of Ministers on 26 March 1999. Additional contract from July 2000-April 2002, introduction of the draft law before Parliament in May 2002.

- Appointed specialist of the Minister of Justice and of the Senate Judicial Committee to defend the government draft of the Code of Belgian Private International Law before the Senate Judicial Committee between October 2003 and March 2004; end for the same defence, as invited specialist counsel, before the Chamber of Representative’s Judicial Committee from April 2004 till June 2004.

- Member of the Jury in several doctoral dissertations (Antwerp, Gent, Leiden, Leuven, Nottingham, Utrecht, WCL-Washington D.C.).

- Promotor of the respective doctoral thesis successfully defended by: Maud Piers, Clive Rommelaere, Henri Storme, Michael Traest, Herman Verbist, Jinske Verhellen, Wenliang Zhang and of current doctoral research: Dalia Perkumiene, Hu Weinian, Donika Querimi.

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